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239th United States Navy Birthday Ball

The United States Navy does a lot of celebrating, but the biggest party of the year is the Birthday Ball which is celebrated in every Naval station around the world. This year, in Hawaii, despite Hurricane Ana tearing up the Islands (and my hair), the Navy’s 239th Birthday Ball was celebrated ocean-side in what is usually the beautiful Waikiki. We don’t always attend military functions, as my husband is somewhat averse to ‘working on weekends’, however, this year he decided (because I nagged) that we would clean ourselves up and party!

It’s always nice hearing the Navy Band play during the toasts and listening to guest speakers (this year was Army National Guard Veteran, Tulsi Gabbard), who was also the youngest legislator ever elected in the history of Hawaii and the youngest woman elected to state office in the nation (unfortunately, a Democrat – but still great!). It’s also SUCH a treat to see the service members dressed up, and always… interesting, to see what all the guests are wearing, too (Hey, I’m just saying!!! It’s a little shocking to see what some people consider, ‘ball attire’).

Events like this make you feel very proud to be even just a small part of the global force for good. I hope everyone in duty stations around the world enjoyed celebrating just as much as we did – Happy 239th Birthday to the world’s most elite Navy!

What: United States Navy 239th Birthday Ball, Hawaii.
When: Saturday, 18th October 2014
Where:  The Sheraton Waikiki
Dress: Caché

The Navy provided a photographer, who also directing the posing.

Still, Daniel-2


IMG_8588IMG_8612 (1)


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