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A Pumpkin Patch Festival

Coming from Australia, Halloween meant/means absolutely nothing to me. My mum and dad would never have let me go to stranger’s houses and accept food from them, nor would they have let me roam the streets at night dressed in a costume (though photos from my clubbing days may reflect otherwise).

In America, Halloween is OFF. THE. CHAIN! It comes with the autumn season, which means cooler weather (ew!) Starbucks (EW!!!), the list goes on. Americans seem to love the ‘fall’ time and they LOVE Halloween. I’m seriously shocked at the way people in our neighbourhood have been decking out their homes since mid-SEPTEMBER! The money and the time they’re spending decorating is crazy (well to me it is). While Hawaii may be the 50th State, there is definitely no sign of autumn weather, but that has not stopped folks from getting in the Halloween spirit, and you know what? I’m not here to judge, so I’m gettin’ on board!

When I saw signs for a Halloween Pumpkin Patch Festival, I was skeptical, but upon hearing from my husband that there would be food-trucks there, I was OBVIOUSLY keen to go. Food could lead me anywhere… Even to a dusty field in Hawaii where pumpkins allegedly grow.

I have to say, my first Pumpkin Patch Festival was very nice. Americans definitely know what good food-trucks are all about; GREASE. BUTTER. SALT. DEEP FRYING! We didn’t buy a pumpkin, because the thought of putting a raw carved pumpkin on our front doorstep in minimum 30-degree heat and 90% humidity (day and night) and it slowly rotting just does not appeal to me – but the food did appeal to me, and it was great! The only downside, WAY too many kids… It probably had something to do with all the carnival rides, petting zoo, candy, ice-creams, and ponies.

If you live in Hawaii, go! Get the potato on a stick… Actually, get two!

Photos below….

What: Halloween Pumpkin Patch Festival
Where: Aloun Farms, Kapolei
When: Every Weekend in October
How Much? $3.00

image1 image2 image3 image4 image5 image6 image7 image8


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