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Ariana & Dan’s Road Trip of Love – Walking in Memphis

I’ve travelled a lot in 24 years – all over the world, actually! But, since a very young age the legend of Route 66 has intrigued and fascinated me. I love desert landscapes, I love kitsch, I love diner food and I love Americana, so I knew one day I would make a point of driving The Mother Road.

In early August, my husband and I decided we wanted to take a second honeymoon in September since we only had a short 8 days right after our wedding back in March. We decided on an American road trip which we dubbed, ‘Ariana and Dan’s Road Trip of Love’ (corny, we know!). We really only had a couple of weeks to plan flights to the mainland, a rental car (which was crazy expensive) and a timeline of where we were going to stop and for how long.

Well, we didn’t end up planning anything. We just knew we wanted to see parts of Tennessee, New Orleans, Texas and then pick up Route 66 in Oklahoma and drive to California stopping wherever we wanted. We didn’t book any accommodation, we didn’t even look at hotels or prices, we just booked our flights and car a week beforehand and off we went. It was probably the most spontaneous thing I’ve ever done (that didn’t involve alcohol).

FullSizeRender (3)

                                                                              Bye, Hawaii!

We decided to start Ariana & Dan’s Road Trip of Love in Memphis, Tennessee and I’m so glad that we did. After a scandalous amount of time getting emotionally, physically and spiritually screwed over by American Airlines (which I can’t even talk about because I’m scared my head will actually blow off) we finally made it to the land of the Delta Blues, which is still one of my favourite places that we visited. Memphis isn’t a raging metropolis, just a really quaint and nostalgic place.

To my absolute delight, we arrived on the final night of the Tennessee Delta Fair! (I actually squealed when I saw the sign for it). It was the best fair/carnival I have ever been to – EVEN better than the Perth Royal Show (I’m a traitor, I know). The food was amazing and it was the biggest fair I’ve ever seen. We also spent the evening on Beale Street and went to Graceland. Graceland is where you pay lot of money to touch things that Elvis used to touch (yes, I loved it) but it’s so cheesy and shiny that you feel ok about doing it. Other than the fact the entire tour is electronic and run off iPads, and they let way too many people in at once it is pretty cool.

If you’re ever visiting Tennessee:

  • DO NOT skip Memphis just because it isn’t as big as Nashville
  • MUST have a cocktail at BB King’s (I recommend a ‘Love on the Delta’).
  • The Blue Plate Café has the best peanut butter pancakes (and breakfasts in general).
  • ALWAYS time your trip to when the Delta Fair is on because that funnel cake will remain in your heart for the rest of your life!

Where: Memphis, Tennessee
What: Delta Fair, Beale Street & Graceland.
When: 7th – 8th September 2014
Drinks: Anywhere on Beale Street (be a tourist, it’s fun)
Food: Blue Plate Café (get the pancakes)

Photos are below…..

Memphis15 Memphis16 Memphis14 Memphis13 Memphis12 Memphis11Memphis20Memphis18Memphis19Memphis22Memphis7Memphis6memphis5memphis3Memphis23Memphis21Memphis2Memphis1


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